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Stand out on the Web!

Stand out on the Web!

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Useful stuff

Here is a list of applications and useful sites I have tested and found best for my purposes. I can't absolutely guarantee they'll work for you but they could be a great starting point if you are looking for the right information

For downloads:

I use the latest version of Gozilla available at www.gozilla.com . You can schedule downloads, search for alternative sites, and download direct from a link. I advise checking the link first to make sure it goes direct to the file otherwise you could be attempting to download an error message! I'll come up with some tips at a later stage. The version you get is currently free because it is sponsored. If you don't mind a few unobtrusive ads it is certainly worth a try. I haven't heard of any conflicts with other programs as yet which is always a good sign plus it doesn't automatically load if you don't want it to so you can run faster until you need it.

I heard of conflicts with other applications if you are running different winsock software - check the website for details or give it a miss.

For Searching:

I use webferret ( www.ferretsoft.com) to track down a range of pages and preview them while it still searches. Be aware that it uses a few engines at once and can slow other network processes while it searches. You can also save your searches and have a look through them later. 

Easier ways of getting stuff

Try getting all the latest downloads on the CDs of computer magazines. It saves storing the download on your hard drive and usually there's a range of current updates for most shareware and freeware programs in general use. Australian Personal Computer magazine ( www.apcmag.com ) and PC World usually have a good variety of stuff and PC World in August had a searchable section for all their previous help file articles. I solved a network problem I'd had for some weeks almost straight away after searching the CDs database!

Good luck and more to come soon!

Jeremy Davies

I thought I'd put in a web odometer to see how much mileage I'd get out of this page. Now all I need is to hire some people to bookmark this page as their home page and keeping hitting it regularly. I don't think I'll bother - at least I'll get good honest hits and it will accumulate a few every time I check that its still there. Yep, there it is (+1). There it is again, still (+ another 1).

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Stand out on the web!