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Stand out on the Web!

Stand out on the Web!

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Assess your person:

You give us:

  • Photos.

  • Hobbies.

  • Amusing Stories.

  • Habits.

  • Any other information you can think of.

  • A contact person and phone number for special details etc.

We create:

  • A unique caricature to celebrate a special event -

  • e.g. a 40th, 50th ..birthday, anniversary etc..

  • 100 games or more for a club player.

  • a great effort.

  • a special award.

  • anything else.

You get:

  • An A3 size portrait professionally framed for presentation.

  • A lot of fun out of helping put it together.

The recipient gets

  • A unique memento to hang on their wall

  • to celebrate an important event in their lives.

  • Recognition as an individual.

  • A lot of fun finding out how others see them.

How Much?

As an initial offer the full service for one "sportrait"
vacuum sealed to a backing
and professionally  framed for presentation (A3 size):

$150.00-$200.00 (Australian)

We can work out prices for larger works
including more characters.

Some Samples

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Stand out on the web!