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About Sportraits:

I started up this 'hobby / business' from watching a game of rugby league between Perth Reds and the Sydney Bulldogs. Robbie Kearns ran out on to the field for his 100th game to the accompaniment of ... nothing but an announcement of his 100th game. The whole team played the best I'd ever seen them play and Robbie had a great game as he did every week. The venue - Perth Oval - was the best I'd come across as a spectator but I felt Robbie deserved some sort of memento for his great efforts.

My skills lie in the artistic area so I produced my first caricature for a deserving sporting person on behalf of the Red Army ( an independent group of volunteers supporting Rugby League in Western Australia). I  presented it at a later home game along with one for Dale Fritz - for 150 games he had notched up while I worked on Robbie's picture. Soon after, the name Sportraits was thought of  as it fitted exactly what I'd been doing. Later some programs appeared on TV under the same name which shows that even original creative people can think alike!

RobbieKearns played 100 superb games of League.
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We are going from strength to strength with caricatures being produced for cricket players, Aussie Rules players, volunteer fire fighters, hockey players as well as local (W.A.R.L.) league players. Occasions such as 21st Birthdays, 50th birthdays, 50, 100, and 150 games and general "good-bloke-ness " have been commemorated.

If anyone out there likes the idea and wants us to do a sportrait for them or has any other ideas we might be able to help them with please let me know!

Regards Jeremy Davies,

E-mail : jddesign@space.net.au 

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